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Local MP Paul Burstow fights to end age discrimination in our hospitals

June 18, 2012 11:53 AM

Local MP Paul Burstow has announced strict new laws to ensure elderly people no longer have to face age discrimination when they need medical treatment.

The ban will mean that older patients, who feel they are receiving poor or undignified care due to their age, could take legal action from October.

Whilst doctors will still make the final decision on treatment, it will be illegal for the elderly to be denied treatment on age grounds alone, rather than individual need and fitness level.

The move has been welcomed by groups working with the elderly, such as Age UK.

These laws highlight Paul Burstow's pledge to take the dignity of older people seriously, underlining his commitment to tackling poor care.

Commenting, MP for Sutton and Cheam Paul Burstow said:

"This is about basic human dignity. Care providers should look beyond the age of sometimes very vulnerable people and instead look at whether the person needs a particular treatment.

"We have all heard of disturbing cases where people have been denied treatment by the NHS due to their age. This new legislation will ensure that people are treated based on their individual needs, not due to unfair prejudice.

"This is long overdue, and sends a strong message that ageist views will no longer be tolerated in our health service."